Brand Thinking for Financial Services

As the differences between traditional finance companies and fintech challengers dwindle, success may come down to who can deliver the most consistent corporate branding experience. Unfortunately, as our new guide details, financial brands are struggling with consistency, and consumers are noticing.

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  • Why financial brands have a consistency problem.
  • Why corporate branding consistency is important for financial brands.
  • How brand management software can improve brand consistency.
  • How BAC Credomatic used brand management software to increase consistency across 400+ stakeholders and multiple markets.

Increased Brand Awareness

Based on a 2019 survey of U.S. and U.K. consumers, 84% said brand recognition is an important factor when choosing a financial institution. Brand consistency increases awareness and improves brand recognition.

Increased Trustworthiness

Based on Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer, financial services ranked last out of 15 industries when it came to consumer trust. Consistency leads to a less fragmented brand experience, which consumers say increases trustworthiness.

Increased Loyalty & Revenue

By improving consistency, financial brands increase consumer awareness, trust, and loyalty, all of which lead to an increase in revenue. One estimate puts the increase at 23%.

Why Brand Consistency is Crucial for Financial Services